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Our downloads page contains a list of logos and forms that can be downloaded to your personal computer.


Our Service Department aims to provide a resolution as quickly as possible for any problems with faulty or damaged products.  A Service Order will be raised in such instance and completion of our Returns Form will also need to be undertaken and returned to our Service Department along with the faulty product using reference: ISMO.  Your returns number should also be clearly visible on the address label and any items returned to Impact Products are accepted subject to the terms detailed in our Returns Policy.  For further details please download the relevant documents or contact our Customer Service Department on 01604 664565.

[download-attachment id=”1296″ title=”Impact Returns Form”]

[download-attachment id=”2425″ title=”Impact Returns Policy”]


[download-attachment id=”1335″ title=”Impact Logo”]

[download-attachment id=”223″ title=”Brooke Logo”]

[download-attachment id=”337″ title=”Lanta Logo”]

[download-attachment id=”386″ title=”Rhino Logo”]

[download-attachment id=”377″ title=”Lightspace Logo”]

[download-attachment id=”1574″ title=”Spacedeck Logo”]

[download-attachment id=”1575″ title=”Airstage Logo”]