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1976 – 1990

Avolites was born under a railway bridge in Hammersmith, London. The first product was the LD Dimmers used on tour with John Lee’s Barclay James Harvest. Release of the 8100 console, FD Dimmers, QM500, QM 90, QM 180. Carlton Television bought Avolites from Ian Walley. The Rolacue 30 & Rolacue 60 were launched.

1991 – 2010

Directors – Meena, Ric and Steve bought the company back from Carlton Television and re-established private ownership, and the QM Diamond was launched. Rolacue Sapphie, ART4000 Dimmer and Diamond 2 are launched. Azure Rolacue Pearl, Diamond 3, Sapphire 2000 and Pearl 2000 are launched. Launch of the ART2000, Azure 2000, Diamond 4, Diamond 4 Vision, Pearl 2004, ART 2000i Install Dimmers and Diamond 4 Elite. Pearl 2008, Pearl Expert, Pearl Tiger, Titan v1, Tiger Touch 1, Power Cube and Pearl 2010 are released.

2011 – 2016

Addict Media Server software purchase – Avolites Media and Ai was born. The Tiger Touch, MSC 1 Controller, Ai Software Dongle, Titan One, Sapphire Touch, Ai Server T4/8, Sapphire Media Controller and Ai Infinity Servers 4/8 are launched. Release of the Titan Net Processor, Expert Pro, Tiger Touch II, Tiger Touch Pro, Titan Mobile Wing. Launch of the Quartz, Titan Mobile, Sapphire Touch Wing, Sapphire Media Wing, S & EX Media Server Range, Titan v9, Arena, R & RX Media Server Range, Titan v10 and ART2020


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Sapphire Touch

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Titan Mobile

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Titan Mobile Wing

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Tiger Touch II

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Tiger Touch Fader Wing

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Titan One

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