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For over 40 years, we have produced loudspeakers that have received industry acclaim as well as the appreciation of their discerning owners. We haven’t shouted about it, going quietly about our business, letting our quality products speak for us. You see, Ohm people are craftspeople, building amazing products by hand in the UK.

It’s no wonder that our hire partners choose Ohm over companies that import their products and spend their money on advertising. We prefer to invest in exceptional design, unbeatable British quality manufacturing and above all a crisp, immensely capable range of loudspeakers that confidently outperforms other products.

You can find Ohm products all over the world on international tours, in theatres, nightclubs, opera houses, museums, restaurants, schools, theme parks; in fact any place where quality sound is essential. We are serious about sound and if you are too – the choice is Ohm.

Take a look through our new catalogue, containing familiar favourites, as well as some new products which we know you’ll want to hear. Ohm loudspeakers are made in the UK to last, but the best test of all is how they sound.


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